Cool Down! ™ A Natural Refreshing Spray for Hot Flashes and Hot Days


Cool Down your hot flashes with this natural spray. Small enough to fit into your purse.

Directions: When the heat strikes, spray a little on your neck, chest or forehead. The spray will evaporate and the peppermint oil will provide a soothing, cooling effect (and make you smell fresh).

Ingredients: Distilled Water and Peppermint Oil

2 oz Spray

What causes Hot Flashes?

According to Ayurveda, the debilitating heat that accompanies this stage of life marks a transition point for the hot and fiery “pitta" phase of the lifecycle. The resulting hot flashes and night sweats are an expression of this imbalance in pitta (heat) energies as well as the accumulation of “ama” (toxins) in the deeper tissues and channels in the body.

The restricted flow of heat that results from this menopausal imbalance builds up and eventually must find an outlet. When the heat does find an avenue to leave the body our energy channels quickly balloon with heat in a flashing fashion which leaves you feeling hot, bothered and overwhelmed.

As a result the key then to treating hot flashes is to find ways to balance our internal fiery qualities while also seeking to cleanse any accumulated toxins in the body.