Organic Healing Calendula Soap


Great for Wound Healing and Acne

Organic Hand Made Soap


Use: wound-healing, abrasions, skin infections, acne, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial skin soothing botanical

Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, coconut*, and palm* (with retained glycerin),essential oils of grapefruit, calendula petals, rosemary extract.

                                                                *CERTIFIED ORGANIC

4 oz

Calendula has a long history of use as a wound-healing and skin-soothing botanical.

This lovely marigoldlike flower (although called pot marigold, it is not a true marigold) is considered a vulnerary agent, a substance that promotes healing.

Calendula also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity. It is most often used topically for lacerations, abrasions, and skin infections