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  • Wedding or Party Favors


    Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, Any Occasion Party Favors

    50 Party Favors in each package for $150, plus free shipping

    Choose from:
    Natural Bug Spray 2oz  - Great for outdoor occasions
    BE COOL  - Cool Down Naturally Spray 2oz (Peppermint) - Hot days, Hot Flashes, and too much fun dancing
    BE LOVED –  Rosewater Spray 2oz - Perfect PH balance to the skin, nice natural perfume reminiscent of love
    BE FRESH –  Bathroom Smell Eliminator Spray 2
    oz (Cinnamon and Clove) - use inside or outside the bathroom to block unwanted smells
    BE CALM  –    Lavender Spray 2oz - Instantly calming for those big occasions
    BE POSITIVE – Sage Spray 2
    oz - If there is a negative nilly - spray it in their direction for positive vibes

    BE PURE - Thieves Spray to purify the air around you in case someone brought their cold with them.

    Labels can be personalized to your specifications.

    If you want to mix and match, place your order for any 50 and then contact me directly with your specific qty and product

    Free ship on orders $150.00 or more